Nothing’s CMF Phone 1 is proof that gadgets can still be fun

Nothing CMF Phone 1
Honestly, this is Nothing’s best idea yet.

I’ve never had so much fun taking a phone apart.

That’s a misleading statement; I haven’t really taken any phones apart lately, but when CMF’s Phone 1 arrived, that’s the first thing I did. Because this one, my friends, is built different. It won’t be widely available in the US, but if you’re game, you can get one through Nothing’s beta program — and for $199, that’s seriously tempting.

CMF, Nothing’s budget-conscious but still extremely style-driven subbrand, is shipping its first phone, the aptly named Phone 1. While it shares a name and an operating system with Nothing’s first own-brand phone, it comes to the table with a new modular approach to phone customizations. Why put a different case on your phone when you can put a whole new…

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