Extreme heat and Hurricane Beryl make a disaster pileup in Texas

Air conditioning units amid a row of windows in a motel rising above floodwaters.
A flooded motel is seen after the passage of Hurricane Beryl in Surfside Beach, Texas, on July 8th. | Photo by Mark Felix / AFP via Getty Images

Widespread power outages in the wake of Hurricane Beryl pose a new threat as temperatures soar in Texas this week.

Beryl tore through the Lone Star State yesterday, killing at least six people and knocking out electricity for around 2.7 million customers. Power was still out for more than 2.2 million on Tuesday morning. The blackouts could last days to weeks, authorities say, leaving people without air conditioning as the heat index reaches triple digits.

“The lack of proper cooling combined with many people outdoors cleaning up after Beryl could produce dangerous heat conditions,” the National Weather Service (NWS) said this morning.

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