Razer beats Wooting to a speedy new keyboard feature for PC gaming

The new Snap Tap Mode
Image: Razer

Razer is launching a new Snap Tap mode for its Huntsman V3 Pro keyboards today that’s designed to appeal to competitive gamers. Snap Tap is very similar to Wooting’s promised Rappy Snappy feature and works by prioritizing the latest input between two selected keys to allow Counter-Strike 2 and Valorant players to counter-strafe more quickly.

The Snap Tap mode means you don’t have to release the previous key when you’re strafing, so if you enable A and D for Snap Tap, then it makes strafing near instant, improving directional changes and movement in esports games. The difference is only a couple of milliseconds, but that’s enough to get a kill quicker than your opponent.

“Snap Tap Mode, integrated directly into the firmware, allows for…

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