The highlight of Summer Games Done Quick was a very good dog playing 16-bit baseball

Photo of Peanut Butter, a shiba inu wearing a polka dot bow tie looking at the camera sitting on a gray sofa.
Photo: Games Done Quick

Summer Games Done Quick concluded over the weekend, raising $2.5 million for Doctors Without Borders. While the figure didn’t break any records, the speedrunning charity event hit a major milestone, reaching a lifetime total of over $50 million raised across all events and charities in its 10-plus-year history.

With the general news out of the way, let’s talk about the highlight of the weeklong stream: a shiba inu named Peanut Butter.

You may remember him. He was a major highlight of Awesome Games Done Quick 2024, when he became the first dog to participate, running Gyromite with the assistance of his owner, JSR, and a custom controller. Peanut Butter and JSR completed the run remotely, but for their Summer Games Done Quick run, they…

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